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As a third generation company we are committed to this industry 100% and strive to be the best there is, as a result we have made the investment to back up this commitment:


Genuine or not? ... Customers beware.


Anyone can call themselves a Tree Surgeon! place an advert in the Yellow Pages or local media or as we have seen in recent years bombard whole neighbourhoods with countless leaflets offering a whole list of services. Sadly in the current econimic climate this is becoming all too familiar. Asa a result every week hundreds of trees are being mutilated and damaged beyond repair due to inexperienced operators, with no knowledge of trees or tree requirements, who are perpared to offer unnecessary works and destroy trees simply for their own financial gain.


An advert alone does not guarantee quality of work, or that it will be carried out safely, or that it needs to be carried out at all. Simply stripping trees of all their branches or reducing them to a mutilated stump, has no Arboricultural justification what so ever. In most cases it just highlights the work of an untrained inexperienced rough trader who is financially motivated.


If Tree work is not done properly, it will lead to:


•  Injury to people, including the untrained operators

•  Property and infrastructure being put at serious risk

•  Irrevocable damage to trees - that have taken many years to grow

•  Loss of valuable tree stocks and wildlife habitat

•  Unnecessary and increased ongoing maintenance costs for the owner

•  Increased or invalid insurance cover

•  As well as acting for a beacon for future unscrupulous operators


...all as a result of poor quality, ill-advised and badly executed tree work.  Tree work operations (Arboriculture) requires a high degree of technical competence, knowledge of Trees and their needs, supported by training , experience, the right equipment and a respect for a growing living form. For these reasons tree work should only be undertaken by well trained, competent arborists and remember... Cheapest is NOT always Best!


As a third generation company we are committed to this industry 100% and strive to be the best there is, as a result we have made the investment to back up this commitment.


B & B Tree Specialists was formed on the basis that if a Jobs worth Doing, It's Worth Doing WELL, the core of what we are about today. We are now into our third generation of the family with over thirty years of practical experience backed by an extensive range of Arboriculture Qualifications.


In 1988 we proudly achieved the Arboricultural Associations Approved Contractor status, this award if the highest industry related accreditation and is regarded as the Holy Grail of Arboricultural awards. It is a rigorous examination consisting of technical expertise, Quality of wprk, Health and Safety, administration and Insurance and is carried out every two years to ensure standards are always kept to the highest. After our 2007 examination we went on to gain accreditation for CHAS and CONSTRUCTIONLINE this ensures we also keep up to speed with the requirements of our Commercial customers. Later in 2007 we had our professional status independently confirmed in the form of accreditation for IS0 9001, 1400 and 18001 all recognition of the hard work, time and resources invested.


This was closely followed in 2008 by our first local authority term contract this success cemented our status as a professional and dependable company and was the recognition that has seen the business develop to where we are today. From this point we have gone on to gain further term contracts locally and accreditation for the National Highways Sector Scheme 18, that means we can now carry out works to trees on roadsides and major highways.


As a reputable and established company, B & B Tree Specialists will always ensure clients have access to:


•  Evidence of Employers Liability & Public Liability insurance of £20 million, is available on request

•  Work to British Standards BS 3998:2010

•  Fully qualified staff, including NPTC certificates for chainsaw use, climbing operations, rigging and roping, M.E.W.P operations, crane rigging and dismantling, Sign Lighting and Guarding, Tree Surgery operations and CSCS/ROLO for commercial sites

•  Certificates for National Certificates and Diplomas in Arboricultural knowledge, site management and supervision

•  Full written quotations, including a fixed price, detailed specifications of the work to be undertaken, details of what will happen to the debris, who will be responsible for obtaining permissions (if trees are protected), and what staeps will be taken to protect you and your property

•  Membership of the Arboricultural Association license number AC2016

•  Fully Licensed for waste carriage and disposal of arisings, including our own dedicated site for the recycling and reuse of products guaranteeing 100% NO landfill

•  References from previous customers, regular customers who are willing to back up our company and support our quality service

•   What the tree needs, regularly we see tree works carried out that have no arboricultural justification, ourr policy is to first listen to the customers concerns then to offer practical, necessary solutions to customers' needs, in some cases recommending that new work is required, or limited works are needed to achieve a compromise to a problem be it overhanging branches or simply good maintenance

Why B & B?

Our services at a glance:

•  Tree surgery

•  Hedge cutting

•  Pruning

•  Planting schemes

•  Forestry services

•  Stump grinding

•  Tree safety surveys

•  Ground and site clearance

•  Highways and roadside works

•  Veteran tree management

•  Air spade investigations

•  Woodlands

•  Environmental management

•  Domestic tree care

•  Commercial services

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We are available on:

0800 511 8355

01522 790 313

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